Attention all Sas shooters – this your annual call to arms.

This is not a drill.

Planning is underway for the 6th Annual Delville Wood Memorial Competition.

Through this annual competition we do our bit to honour all South Africans that have fought under our country’s flag.

This year is the centenary year of the Battle of Delville Wood that, itself, was part of the bigger offensive on the Somme during the Great War, in 1916.

South Africans distinguished themselves, but at great cost. Of the 3153 “Springbok” soldiers who entered the wood only 780 survivors answered the roll call at the end.

Battle of Delville Wood

The competition this year will take place on 15th and 16th of July.
Start time will be 18h00 on Friday the 15th.

Location: Gauteng

Gear required:

• EDC Pistol spare Mag and Knife (Concealed)
• L1 + L2 + L3 Gear (packing lists on the website)
• Round count pistol: minimum 200
• Round count Rifle: minimum 250
• Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place.
• There will be night shooting for handgun & Rifle.
• Competitors are required to support themselves from their gear for the duration of the competition – leaving the competition area will result in a DQ.
• Bonus and penalty points will apply for each stage.
• Any safety infringement (Muzzle, finger ) and or bad sportsmanship will result in either stage DQ or Competition DQ.
• A detailed Briefing will be sent to each paid up entrant by the end of June.
• Early entry fee R250 for members and R300 for non-Members (pay before 1st of June 2016)
• Thereafter R500 and R600 respectively.
• Closing Date for entries: 4 July 2016
• No Refunds for cancellations.
• All entrants must be at least Level 1 Qualified for 2016 for the chapter that they belong to.
• Senior Umpire’s decision is final on all matters relating to the competition.

As this is the centenary year of the Battle it has been decided that competitors who participate with period-specific rifles will receive a bonus. Competitors will qualify for his/her score at the end of the competition to be increased by a factor if he/she uses a Lee Enfield (any mark) for the whole duration of the competition.

Modification refers to the stock, action or any part of the rifle from the original.

1. Iron sight, no modifications = 8% points
2. Iron sights, and or modified = 4% points
3. Any other sights Electronic/Telescopic sight etc.and or modified = 2.5%

Senior Umpire will decide which class the Rifle fits into. Bayonets will be afforded badassery status and only earn man-points (double man-points for any girls rocking those).

2017 competition information will be updated closer to the time.