An annual calendar is made public and is available, go to calendar.

All sessions start at 07h00 and end at 16h00.

Be punctual. No late arrivals, unless by prior arrangement.
• Coordinator responsible for overseeing planning and running of the sessions. He can delegate.
• Sessions will be divided into a practical session (Morning) and theoretical (Afternoon).

Each practice session will comprise of minimum EDC and L1 kit  for each session. Sport shooters are invited to only partake in handgun and rifle, MSR and or shotgun events.

Ammo: Budget at least 100 rounds for handgun and 100 for rifle.

Standard drills: Feel free to download and train.

Every day carry (EDC)


EDC 30 Round Dot Torture

EDC 30 Round Dot Torture A3 score sheet

Modern sports rifle (MSR) or Single Action (SA)

MSR or SA Biathlon

MSR or SA 50m to 300m Steel Challenge


Club fees:

Annual membership fees: R1350.00

Non member range day fees: R250.