Bush Weekend

20th-22nd May SAS 2022 Bush Weekend. Near Dulstroom in Mpumalanga.

Keep the Weekend of the 20th-22nd May free for the SAS 2022 Bush Weekend. It will be on a game farm between Belfast, Dulstroom and Stoffberg in Mpumalanga. It is about a 3 hour drive from PTA/JHB. You welcome to arrive on Friday the 20th, and camp over and braai (Supper and Breakfast self cater). The main event will be a team based scenario. The briefing will take place at 08H00 on Saturday the 21st. At 09H00 the transport will leave to drop everyone off at at their assigned AO. For the weekend you will need the following gear: *L1; L2 and L3 gear (Enough to support yourself in the field for 30 hours). *Sidearm and the 60 rounds as listed in L3 Packing List. *Whistle (everyone needs to carry a whistle as backup to radio in case of emergency). *Water filter/purification (The farm has numerous springs; streams and dams to collect water but be safe and purify). You will be working in teams, so between yourself and battle buddy you will need: -2way radio/s and spare batteries to cover 30 hours. -Compass (is part of L1 but make sure you have at least one between 2 people). -Binoculars/Magnified Scope. -Shovel/Entrenching tool (Toilet and other...) Gear not require but could be helpful: -Camo/Earth toned clothing. -Gillie suit. -Camo netting. -Sandbags. -Basha/tarp/tent (Can be shared between 2 people). -GPS. -Night vision/Thermal optics. -Warm windproof clothing. We will then braai and plan to be done by 14H00 on Sunday 22nd. So we should be home by 17H00.

05/21/2022 08:00:00
Funky Town
Entry Fees:
Entry Fee Range Fee
Member R 200 R 0
Member of other chapter R 200 R 0
Non-Member R 200 R 0